Week of Jan 6 Schedule

Sorry I forgot the Shirt colors for the weekend. Sat.- Red

16u- Sunday Please wear Navy Jersey with Red Pants & Navy Stir-Ups ( we are taking a Team Photo & getting updated Profile Pics.

16u On Sunday will Scrimmage our 18u Team from Bakersfield (two games) & 12u / 14u may scrimmage against each other or we may be adding a 12u bakersfield team who might come down as well to scrimmage on Sunday (two games).

Socks- If you have already ordered and paid for socks please let Kelly know ASAP so we can get them to you. If you have not & you want to buy socks, we are no longer going to deal with it through the team as there is no price advantage.
Everyone does need to buy the same socks that we use, they are available through Amazon for the same price we sell them for plus free shipping if you are a Prime member.
They are

TCK Prosport Performance Tube Socks

We use Scarlet, Navy & White

Do not try to buy other brands as they generally do not match.

Thank youDanny Moore
Victory USA

On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 1:56 PM Danny Moore <coachdannymoore> wrote:

Wed.- 14u & 12u Batting
Thurs.- 10u Batting

Sat.- Field Practice
16u & 14u at 8:30 AM
12u & 10u at 11:00 AM

Sun. – Live Scrimmage or practice
All Teams 9:00 AM (subject to change)

All practices are at
6290 White Oak Ave.
Encino CA 91316

DUES are DUE!!!

Thank youDanny Moore
Victory USA